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In 2016, Our World, LLC, and Southern Crescent Sports Foundation, joined forces to create Our World at H.O.P.E. Park.  Our World at H.O.P.E. Park is committed to the well being and advancement of the special needs community.  A Joint Board of Directors was created to steer the two organizations toward this goal.

In 2017, a parcel of land was committed to Southern Crescent Sports Foundation to build out a 110-acre complex that will be known as Our World @ HO.P.E. Park.  In this complex, we will have:

A private special needs school, age 2 to 22

            Our World will be a private school in Henry County open to the Southern Crescent area. Because ages 2-7 are crucial for the development of a child diagnosed with autism, we will begin school at age 2. Our staff will be trained by the Marcus Center on the most effective, consistent ways to educate and modify behavioral issues.

Life Skills Labs

Our World will integrate life skills into our curriculum. These labs will be rooms such as a bedroom to teach the children how to make the bed, put away items; a bathroom to teach personal hygiene and cleanliness; a laundry room to learn how to manage their laundry, and a kitchen to learn things such as cooking, how to do dishes, etc.

Aquatic Center

The leading cause of death among children with Autism (91% ages 14 and under) is drowning.  As part of our curriculum, we will teach the children to swim. The pool will also be used a therapy for children who require it.

Equestrian Center

            Therapeutic riding is an equine-assisted activity that contributes to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs. This will be both a form of outdoor exercise for our children and therapy.


The Auditorium will be used as a place for our special needs
pageant, plays, musicals, and other performances.

Indoor Playground/ Baseball Field

            There will be an indoor playground and baseball field so that the children can still play regardless of weather. The baseball field will be a backup for the
Henry County Parks and Recreation
Sunshine League.

Outdoor Playground

This state of the art playground will be an all-accessible, all-inclusive playground. Each piece of equipment will be chosen for its developmental benefits to the children.  Some of the therapeutic benefits are proprioceptive, vestibular, gross and fine motor skills, decision making, creative and social play.


Our World will integrate a teaching garden onto the H.O.P.E. Park Campus.  The students will be taught how to grow food in small places. The garden will be used as an organic sustainable food source for our lunchroom.

Picnic Area

            The picnic area will provide a place outdoors for parents/ grandparents/ family to visit their children for lunch.

Onsite Autism Center

Our World will partner with an autism center such as Bernie Marcus or
Navicent to have an onsite autism center.  This autism center will provide the
support we need as a school and will be open to the public.  This will give parents on the south side a faster route to getting their child diagnosed and treated.

Onsite Medical Center

Our World will partner with a medical facility such as CHOA or Navicent to have an onsite medical center.  They will provide the specific therapies that our children need during school and after school programs.

Adult Work Development and Training Facility

            Our World will have a work development training facility designed to teach people with special needs a trade. We will partner with local businesses in the community to help place them in jobs.  This training facility will be modelled after the Academy for Advanced Studies in McDonough, GA. 

Living Facilities

            On the H.O.P.E. Park Campus, we will have independent living facilities (pods) where adults with special needs can live. These pods will be set up in a dorm like atmosphere where each person has a private bedroom, bathroom, and living area, but share a common room and kitchen with their pod mates.

Community Building

The H.O.P.E. Park Campus will include a community building for the special needs community to have for events such as proms, dances, and other social events.



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